Our Commitment

At Denis Office Supplies and Furniture, service has been a priority for over 45 years. We offer a professional environment where mutual respect and appreciation are of utmost importance. We strive on achieving the highest goals and believe that each and every one of our employees contributes to the success of the company.

Discover Denis Office Supplies and Furniture

Along with our customer service oriented values and dedication to excellence, we take to heart the health, wellness and advancement of our staff. Denis Office Supplies and Furniture is recognized as one of the key employers of the office supply industry. We look to each employee’s unique knowledge and expertise for new ways to innovate. At Denis Office Supplies and Furniture, we take it upon ourselves to provide all our employees with the opportunity to make a difference and grow professionally.
Being the largest independent supplier of office supplies in eastern Canada, Denis Office Supplies and Furniture is a Canadian owned family business that offers their employees:
-A structured and professional work environment where all required resources are available.
-The tools and support needed to excel in your work
-Motivated and experienced co-workers, to help achieve the best results possible.
-Managers and supervisors ready to answer questions and give advice whenever needed.
-An environment where personal initiative is highly valued.

Our people, a family

It has already been more than 40 years since Denis Office Supplies and Furniture opened their doors. Some of our employees have been with us since the beginning, and can attest to the evolution of the company.

Our Vision: Our dedication to customer relations

Customer relations are the foundation of our business and a skill required by all employees. From the date we first opened until today, employees of Denis Office Supplies and Furniture are dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our motivation: The satisfaction of achieving results and evolving together

At Denis Office Supplies and Furniture there are positions to fill, but mainly careers to build. We have many different positions which will allow you the opportunity to find the career that you want. No matter what department you choose, you will receive a warm welcome. Everyone’s initiatives and input contribute to the growth of the company. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others, while enhancing your own talents and expertise.